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a Complete Marketing Service for Paper & Board

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A Complete Marketing Service for Paper & Board




Until December 1998 the company was part of the Ekman Cleave Group. Since then the company has been 100% independent, Irish owned and operated. In early 2000 the name was changed from Ekman Cleave (Ireland) Ltd to Ekman Ireland Ltd.


The company has a history in Ireland stretching back more than 30 years. We have an intimate knowledge of the printing, publishing & packaging industry and we also have a clear understanding of the nature and structure of this industry in Ireland, in political as well as commercial terms.


We believe this knowledge, together with a local office is essential in developing a proper market presence. It also ensures clear communications between mill and market with knowledgeable interpretation of market conditions.


We give the mill a real presence in the market and give buyers access to premier products from world class players in the paper & board industry.




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